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Rock Fishing Playa Blanca

January 29th, 2010

Around the Island and of course in Playa Blanca there are a few places to fish from.  With a distinct lack of piers just about all places to fish are going to be on the rocks.

When fishing in Playa Blanca there is a nice location behind the ‘Volcan Hotel’ which is also just behind Marina Rubicon.

The surrounding fishing area is very rocky so unless your going to cast around 50 yards out you are best to use a float, however, if you can cast out 50 yards or more you will hit some smoother ground and wont loose as much weights!

My last trip was Sunday, although the weather in Lanzarote is not great at the moment it still beats most places.. unlike the fishing!

I’ve noticed from my ‘local’ spot that there is not alot of fish about other than Puffer Fish which are no used to man nor dog.  The fishing can sometimes produce some nice fish though so it’s always worth a another cast.

Nice Catch

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Boat Fishing in Lanzarote

October 30th, 2009

Well this is an early update about boat fishing in Lanzarote.  I’ve been lucky enough to go out fishing on a nice Rodman 1250 which leave the old harbour in Playa Blanca.

The trip which leaves around 10 in the morning lasts for about 6 hours.  The day generally starts off with a bit of bait fishing, trolling and onto bottom fishing.

Since going out I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of catching some nice fish including a Mako!  Below should be a small clip of the boat and fishing I put together… enjoy!

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Welcome to Lanzarote Fishing Diary

October 30th, 2009

Hi and welcome to Lanzarote Fishing Diary.

The site is aimed to help give you some ideas on where to fish while visiting Lanzarote.

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